Dark, 72% Cocoa – The Poodle


The Poodle

A sweet recipe with intense and woody cocoa flavours.72% cocoa. Crafted with love, near Paris.

The Artist

Marie Assénat is a Parisian illustrator living in Brooklyn.
She often works for the New Yorker, Télérama, ELLE …
Marie likes drawing birds and eating “choux à la crème”.



Le Chocolat Des Francais

The Taste

The delightful recipes are simple, sweet, and entirely made with quality ingredients. All the chocolates are 100% pure cocoa butter and 100% natural, with no palm oil or conservatives. their expertise has been awarded during the prestigious 21st edition of Paris’ Salon du Chocolat with the best young brand award.

The Look

Flashy colors and fancy drawings. The chocolate bars are all wrapped in lovely packaging designed by a variety of artists. Their  backgrounds might be diverse but they all share the same love for chocolate.


Made in France

From the conching of the chocolate to the printing of the packaging, everything is made in France. They honour the tradition of French chocolate craftsmanship and are proud of it. The lovely packagings revisit French clichés with a creative touch (and a lot of humour).


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