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Most Desired

Welcome back to the Bretonicles! It has been a 2 weeks to remember. Last time we spoke we had just visited Stylist Magazine and entered Mon Breton to be featured on their Most Desired page for #TheHandmadeIssue in collaboration with Pinterest UK.

I got a very unexpected call from Kitty McGee, the Executive Fashion Director at Stylist who gave us the good news. Against some amazing competition we were given pride of place in last week’s Stylist as their Most Desired product of the week. Telling Isla (our Creative Director) was really special. We waited with bated breath to see it in the flesh, and we were not disappointed.

most desired
Most Desired – The Handmade Issue

Furthermore, we have had a raft of Christmas orders to keep Isla busy and a number of enquiries to collaborate. As a small brand it’s really important to collaborate and keep the ideas fresh. This year we’ve worked with a fantastic brand Pirates and Violets introducing a bespoke handpainted basket to our website. P&V is a brand with a very similar ethos to us and that’s important. You need to complement each other and grow together. Working with Lisa has been really exciting. Really looking forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer.Baskets

Finally, this week we have a video of me, Mon Breton’s Co-founder and Commercial Director answering questions from our friends and followers. You really should watch it, if only for some karaoke magic!

Enjoy and Stripes Out!!

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