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Christmas at the Flatelier

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Mon Breton Flatelier.* Orders have been flowing in for Christmas. Monogramming is very much the order of the day and we love seeing our bespoke Bretons winging their way across the UK and abroad as well as being shared online with friends and family.

Firstly we caught wind of Stylist magazine holding an event in Soho at the weekend to celebrate handmade fashion in collaboration with Pinterest. We dropped in and spoke to Lucy Reber Stylist’s Fashion Editor. She and her team will be picking one brand to feature on the Most Wanted page. We think Mon Breton fits the bill perfectly; British brand based in London based on authentic Bespoke Breton Shirts hand-embroidered by our very own Creative Director. Needless to say, we handed over our favourite shirts, both the “Bugs and Blooms” and the first effort from our “Sketch” collection and we hope that they are just what Lucy and her team are looking to share with their followers.Monogramming Christmas Gifting

You will have seen our Zeitgeist Cashmere collection by now. I must say, they are hugely popular and customers have been asking for their own hand-stitched monogramming on the jumpers. Seeing as we do it all by hand; we don’t see why not! Here’s our first effort for a soon to be married customer who wanted to show off her new surname!


ZEITGEIST CASHMEREThe weather was so bad this weekend we thought it best to spend Sunday afternoon answering some of our fans’ questions. Here’s a short video  with our Creative Director, (my beautiful wife) Isla J Heller that we hope you’ll enjoy.

My last request is to ask you to order soon if you would like a bespoke Breton in time for Christmas; they make great gifts but there’s a growing order list to get through so don’t leave it too late!

Stripes Out!

*The Flatelier is our studio and our home. One day I hope it is as synonymous with Mon Breton as the Warehouse is with Andy Warhol… (one can dream)!

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  1. Love that you chose a koala! Maybe we really are related! Xxxxx

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