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Autumn Update with Mon Breton

Before I talk about our Bespoke Cashmere collection; our “Zeitgeist Cashmere”, I don’t have to remind you that it’s now officially Autumn. To that end, I have pulled out my Heavyweight Mariniere (the “Dean”) which I love to pair with a navy blazer and levis for dress down Friday! You may ask why we have dress down Fridays at the Mon Breton Atelier – well we don’t, every day is dress down! I would love running MB to be my main job but I’m a Management Consultant working for a firm in London and on Fridays I am always in stripes and my colleagues often ask how things are going!

Bespoke Cashmere

Well, we’ve recently launched a new product line which is really exciting. We have named it – “Zeitgeist Cashmere”. The premise is really simple; beautiful 100% cashmere jumpers with a hand-embroidered quote or phrase from a trending TV show or film. Isla and I have just finished watching Stranger Things, which we loved. It has become “Cult” pretty much overnight as much for the nostalgic nods to 80s TV as for the bright young talent of Millie Bobby Brown and her cohorts. You will be happy to hear that I won’t give the game away for those who are yet to find a weekend to sink into your sofas and turn off your phones to stop your parents interrupting what I promise will not be a wasted 6 hours in front of the box! Our first phrase centres around a hugely undervalued character called Barbara Holland (played by Shannon Purser) – who gets in a bit of a pickle… with a demon…

In addition, we will try and roll out a different Zeitgeist Cashmere theme each month over the winter months in very limited runs and see how they get on! If you have any suggestions get in touch with us at

Christmas Orders

Don’t forget, it’s already being October and Isla is beavering away in the studio. As a result, I would strongly suggest getting any Christmas orders in nice and early. A Mon Breton makes a great gift for a loved one. As there’s only two of us so we don’t want anyone to be disappointed!

Finally, I look forward to keeping you up to date with regular Bretonicles. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Stripes Out!


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