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10 Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt

London Fashion Week is in full swing, but as the Insta-sphere becomes saturated with images of dressed-to-impress fashionistas on the lookout for the next big trend, one thing remains in style from season to season: the Breton. Here’s 10 Ways to Wear… the Breton Shirt

With a trusty striped Breton in your wardrobe you can roll-out a myriad of fashion-forward looks without having to reinvest when the new season’s collections drop. 

Read on, be inspired and tell us which one you’ll be wearing…

1. Go grungy with dungarees

Ok, so models could make anything look good (that is after all what they are paid for) but we can’t help but feeling we could pull off this off-duty look on a slouchy sunday with a simple Breton stripe.

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt Breton-top-eith-dungarees

2. Ways to Wear – Keep stripes casual with a denim jacket and silk pyjama-style trousers

Sleek but relaxed, this preppy look is an all-rounder for comfort and easy-going elegance. This look for J. Crew’s Spring 2013 collection looks as fresh today as it did then.

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt Breton-top-with-silk-floral-trousers-and-denim-jacket

3. Dress up with white for a nautical but nice Breton ensemble

Jenna Lyons is a serious style crush here at Mon Breton. Styled with a simple white skirt and matching brogues, Jenna injects some fashion edge into the summer style by paring her Breton striped shirt with a leopard print clutch and glossy gold clutch.

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt Jenna-Lyons-Breton-top4. Ways to Wear – Back to black jeans and kitten heels with your Breton

Emmanuelle Alt rules supreme when it comes to uniform dressing. She is never without her black jeans (Topshop Baxters are rumoured to be her favourite) and pointy black pumps. We love the rock-chick vibe of the frayed cropped flares – while the Belle de Jour PVC mac keeps things undoubtedly Parisienne over her chic Breton shirt.

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt Emmanuelle-Alt-in-Breton-top

5. Keep the Breton classy with a Chanel boucle 

Jacket + Breton + denim cut off + peep toe platforms. That’s all. Thanks Miroslava Duma!

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt Miroslava-Duma-in-Breton-top

6. Layer up with a tailored blazer and winter coat over your Breton

We love this look from J. Crew’s Fall 2016 collection. With a clashing floral print blazer and will coat slung over your shoulders, this is a look that is perfect for the ‘is is hot, is it cold?’ weather.

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt J-Crew-Breton-top-layered-with-floral-clazer-and-coat

7. Layer stripes over a luxe shirt

We love the contrast snake-skin pattern of this silk shirt peeping out at the collar and cuffs under the classy Breton striped jumper. The gold watch and bangle combo with long-line necklace finish off this look to perfection.

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt Breton-top-layered-over-shirt

8. Add a pencil and a pop of colour

Perfect for work or play, this hyper-colour look is a playful way to wear. Who would have thought a top designed for the high seas could be so high fashion?

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt Breton-top-with-floral-pencil-skirt

9. Cape crusader with stripes

So jealous we didn’t think of this combo first! Well done Amanda Start at The Online Stylist – loving your work!

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt - Breton-top-with-cape

10. Girlish glamour with stripes

One of our personal favourites, the Breton will the ball gown skirt (tea length naturally). Oozing with 1950s grace, this is a fun, flirty look for those not afraid to make a style statement.

Ways to Wear your Breton Shirt

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