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It’s been a hectic couple of weeks here at the Mon Breton Flatelier. Not only have we been working hard to keep up with our charity orders but we have had some great press that has alerted some new Bretonbassadors to our cause.

We did however have time to take a trip down to Brighton and found the most wonderful boutique called Tidy Street Store where we picked up some darling French crockery. Having done some research since, we found out that you can personalise the crockery yourself and so we’ve done just that and are waiting with baited breath for another 4 bespoke bowls to arrive from Brittany. The company make their products in Quimper, a stone’s throw from where our beautiful Bretons are created. The company is called Ceramique de Cornouaille and their motto is “Innovation in Service of Tradition” which I think hits the nail on the head of what we are trying to do here at Mon Breton!


In other news we have lined up our first pop-up at Make Me Feel on Abbeville Road for the 8th July. It’s a great opportunity if you have been unsure on sizing to try before you buy and come chat to us about our shared love of Breton shirts. We’ll be the ones in stripes!

For those of you unfamiliar with Make Me Feel, it is a French parapharmacie; the quintessential beauty destination for skincare and healthcare. They have the best selection of beauty brands and remedies; in their words, where “science meets beauty” and Marine, the owner, is simply wonderful.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, but for now, it’s Stripes Out!!




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Le Chocolat Des Francais

We popped over to visit the family that make our Breton shirts earlier this year and whilst we were there we spotted a fantastic young brand Le Chocolat Des Français. It didn’t take us long to get in touch and agree a collaboration to become their official UK supplier. We can’t wait to tell you more about this fantastic new partnership!

The Taste

The delightful recipes are simple, sweet, and entirely made with quality ingredients (much like our Breton shirts!). All the chocolates are 100% pure cocoa butter and 100% natural, with no palm oil or conservatives. their expertise has been awarded during the prestigious 21st edition of Paris’ Salon du Chocolat with the best young brand award.

The Look

Flashy colors and fancy drawings, much like our hand-embroidered designs. The chocolate bars are all wrapped in lovely packaging designed by a variety of artists. Their  backgrounds might be diverse but they all share the same love for chocolate.

Made in France

From the conching of the chocolate to the printing of the packaging, just like our breton shirts everything is made in France. They honour the tradition of French chocolate craftsmanship and are proud of it. The lovely packagings revisit French clichés with a creative touch (and a lot of humour).

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Most Desired

Welcome back to the Bretonicles! It has been a 2 weeks to remember. Last time we spoke we had just visited Stylist Magazine and entered Mon Breton to be featured on their Most Desired page for #TheHandmadeIssue in collaboration with Pinterest UK.

I got a very unexpected call from Kitty McGee, the Executive Fashion Director at Stylist who gave us the good news. Against some amazing competition we were given pride of place in last week’s Stylist as their Most Desired product of the week. Telling Isla (our Creative Director) was really special. We waited with bated breath to see it in the flesh, and we were not disappointed.

most desired
Most Desired – The Handmade Issue

Furthermore, we have had a raft of Christmas orders to keep Isla busy and a number of enquiries to collaborate. As a small brand it’s really important to collaborate and keep the ideas fresh. This year we’ve worked with a fantastic brand Pirates and Violets introducing a bespoke handpainted basket to our website. P&V is a brand with a very similar ethos to us and that’s important. You need to complement each other and grow together. Working with Lisa has been really exciting. Really looking forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer.Baskets

Finally, this week we have a video of me, Mon Breton’s Co-founder and Commercial Director answering questions from our friends and followers. You really should watch it, if only for some karaoke magic!

Enjoy and Stripes Out!!

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Christmas at the Flatelier

It’s been a busy few weeks at the Mon Breton Flatelier.* Orders have been flowing in for Christmas. Monogramming is very much the order of the day and we love seeing our bespoke Bretons winging their way across the UK and abroad as well as being shared online with friends and family.

Firstly we caught wind of Stylist magazine holding an event in Soho at the weekend to celebrate handmade fashion in collaboration with Pinterest. We dropped in and spoke to Lucy Reber Stylist’s Fashion Editor. She and her team will be picking one brand to feature on the Most Wanted page. We think Mon Breton fits the bill perfectly; British brand based in London based on authentic Bespoke Breton Shirts hand-embroidered by our very own Creative Director. Needless to say, we handed over our favourite shirts, both the “Bugs and Blooms” and the first effort from our “Sketch” collection and we hope that they are just what Lucy and her team are looking to share with their followers.Monogramming Christmas Gifting

You will have seen our Zeitgeist Cashmere collection by now. I must say, they are hugely popular and customers have been asking for their own hand-stitched monogramming on the jumpers. Seeing as we do it all by hand; we don’t see why not! Here’s our first effort for a soon to be married customer who wanted to show off her new surname!


ZEITGEIST CASHMEREThe weather was so bad this weekend we thought it best to spend Sunday afternoon answering some of our fans’ questions. Here’s a short video  with our Creative Director, (my beautiful wife) Isla J Heller that we hope you’ll enjoy.

My last request is to ask you to order soon if you would like a bespoke Breton in time for Christmas; they make great gifts but there’s a growing order list to get through so don’t leave it too late!

Stripes Out!

*The Flatelier is our studio and our home. One day I hope it is as synonymous with Mon Breton as the Warehouse is with Andy Warhol… (one can dream)!

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Whitstable and More…

It’s a Sunday night and it’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Mon Breton Team (me and Isla!). Last weekend we took a trip to Whitstable which is our new Brighton. It’s buzzing with independent shops and restaurants and has a working harbour where I watched a catch being brought in and ordered half a dozen Whitstable oysters straight off the boat. Seasoned with some lemon and Tabasco I was in heaven! We never like to miss an opportunity for a photo shoot and the weather duly obliged. I love demonstrating the versatility of the Breton shirt which I paired with a leather jacket (found in a charity shop in Clapham) and my trusty levis. Isla wore hers with some very cute dungarees and as always looked gorgeous.

Charles Whitstable

Isla Whitstable


Our press department has been in full flow. Cosmo Online have been in touch and we’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to an article on “25 Gifts For Men That Aren’t Your Boyfriend”. A local estate agency, Aspire that champion local businesses, recently approached us and they kindly gave us a 2 page spread in their monthly magazine that is distributed throughout SW London.


It’s always fun to talk about Mon Breton and it’s great that people want to hear our story. Our men’s shirts are getting a lot of attention at the moment and they were used in the November issue of luxury yacht and lifestyle magazine Boat International which we were so proud to see on the magazine stands earlier this month.

Boat International Oct

Wedding Garb

Our very close friends and great supporters were married this weekend and we were lucky enough to be invited to the Dorchester and the Natural History Museum to share in their special day. We gained a commission to provide bespoke robes for the bridesmaids, bride and mothers of the bride and groom. It was such a fun project and it got a lot of love on Insta. It might be something to offer more formally on the website. As always you can send us your thoughts to We get back to everyone as soon as we can.

Robe 1

Our new project – Zeitgeist Cashmere is really picking up momentum. It’s where we embroider phrases, quotes and lyrics onto 100% cashmere jumpers. We have done 2 so far and the third, which is in production will be our best yet. We cannot wait to share it with you.

A Mon Breton makes a great gift for a loved one due to its unique nature. They do take time to make and the team is small so please get your order in ASAP. This will give us time to fulfill all our orders pre-Christmas.
Stripes Out!


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Autumn Update with Mon Breton

Before I talk about our Bespoke Cashmere collection; our “Zeitgeist Cashmere”, I don’t have to remind you that it’s now officially Autumn. To that end, I have pulled out my Heavyweight Mariniere (the “Dean”) which I love to pair with a navy blazer and levis for dress down Friday! You may ask why we have dress down Fridays at the Mon Breton Atelier – well we don’t, every day is dress down! I would love running MB to be my main job but I’m a Management Consultant working for a firm in London and on Fridays I am always in stripes and my colleagues often ask how things are going!

Bespoke Cashmere

Well, we’ve recently launched a new product line which is really exciting. We have named it – “Zeitgeist Cashmere”. The premise is really simple; beautiful 100% cashmere jumpers with a hand-embroidered quote or phrase from a trending TV show or film. Isla and I have just finished watching Stranger Things, which we loved. It has become “Cult” pretty much overnight as much for the nostalgic nods to 80s TV as for the bright young talent of Millie Bobby Brown and her cohorts. You will be happy to hear that I won’t give the game away for those who are yet to find a weekend to sink into your sofas and turn off your phones to stop your parents interrupting what I promise will not be a wasted 6 hours in front of the box! Our first phrase centres around a hugely undervalued character called Barbara Holland (played by Shannon Purser) – who gets in a bit of a pickle… with a demon…

In addition, we will try and roll out a different Zeitgeist Cashmere theme each month over the winter months in very limited runs and see how they get on! If you have any suggestions get in touch with us at

Christmas Orders

Don’t forget, it’s already being October and Isla is beavering away in the studio. As a result, I would strongly suggest getting any Christmas orders in nice and early. A Mon Breton makes a great gift for a loved one. As there’s only two of us so we don’t want anyone to be disappointed!

Finally, I look forward to keeping you up to date with regular Bretonicles. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

Stripes Out!


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Embroidery with a side of whimsy

Eccentric Embroidery

When it comes to clothes, there is one thing that is infinitely more important than following trends or ‘looking stylish’ – and that is simply enjoying clothes. When you buy that bag you’ve always wanted or that coat that makes you feel like a million bucks, the joy that you feel when you get your hands on an item you covet, it’s a little piece of heaven. And while the fashion business is a serious one (worth £30 billion), there should always be room for a little fun. For autumn/winter 2016, the light, in what can be a naturally dark season, came in the form of eccentric embroidery. Practical winterwear: chic coats, demure dresses and cocktail knits were embellished with colourful and playful accents – proving that embroidery has the power to lend elegance to sober, wearable items. Continue reading Embroidery with a side of whimsy

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The Power of Personalisation

Can you remember what making every customer feel unique used to mean? – make eye contact, smile, approach (if they looked like they might need assistance) and ask if there is anything they need help with… The tools were so limited to engage the shopper that you actually had to get by with a friendly face and a bit of charm. Nothing about PERSONALISATION. Continue reading The Power of Personalisation