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Charity – Bloody Good Period

We have recently been on the look out for our next charity collaboration and we are delighted to say we have found a charity very close to our hearts. Bloody Good Period…

Period supplies are not cheap. But they are essential. 
Bloody Good Period gives menstrual supplies to asylum seeker drop-in centres and food banks in London and the UK.
They work tirelessly to end period poverty on the ground by giving these products to those who can’t afford them, and providing long term menstrual education to those less likely to access it.

The average lifetime cost of having a period is approximately £4800. 
At Bloody Good Period, they think it’s madness (and we agree) that sanitary products are not free for those who can’t afford them.

Asylum Seekers receive a paltry £36 per week to live on.
Contrary to what some media outlets would have you believe, they are not allowed to work, and cannot claim any benefits. On top of all this, many women seeking asylum have incredibly heavy periods due to the stress and trauma of being displaced. Many resort to using toilet paper, scraps of fabric, or nothing at all.

In order to support such a fantastic charity we are donating £25 from each Special Edition “Liberty, Equality, Sorority” Breton shirt available to buy online now.

It’s been a pretty seminal year for women, we don’t need to tell you that and we want to celebrate by creating a top dedicated to female empowerment. We also recognise that there are a lot of women that need our love and support, hence our collaboration with Bloody Good Period. Buying one Limited Edition shirt, could pay for over 250 sanitary pads for girls and women that cannot afford to buy menstrual supplies for themselves. We think that’s bloody good, period!


If you want to find out more about the charity, head over to their website. If you have any questions about the shirt, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bloody Good Period is a project of Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action (CIVA)

Centre For Innovation In Voluntary Action Registered charity number 1122095

Charity – Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (ENDED)

We are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with the Mandy’s Supporters Club team on a very special project. The Mandy’s Supporters Club has been set up to help raise awareness and money for the charity Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund (Reg. Charity No. 1155322) . We are very excited to share with you a bespoke design we have created in partnership with ‘MSC’ to help raise awareness and money for the amazing charity.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all cancers – just 3% of those diagnosed survive for five years. It is also the only cancer that has seen no improvement in this figure over the last 40 years. This is something the charity is working very hard to change by focusing all of their efforts and resources into its research.

When we heard about this, we really wanted to support their efforts. For each adult bespoke Breton shirt ordered which has both your chosen monogram together with the PCRF logo we will donate the price of the logo to the charity*.

For more information on the charity please visit

To track the progress of the Mandy’s Supporters Club please visit and you can follow them on Instagram @mandyssupportersclub.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch to

Bastille Day Competition (Ended)

In collaboration with Paul Bakery

Win a personalised Breton striped shirt with Mon Breton.

Bastille Day is this Thursday and to celebrate we are collaborating with Paul Bakery to give you a chance to win one of our Bespoke Breton shirts. All you have to do is wear your striped shirt on Thursday and head into your local Paul bakery. Pick up a free croissant and take a selfie. Tag both Paul and Mon Breton, include the hashtag #BastilleDay and you have entered!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch to

Good luck!