About Us

At Mon Breton we want to give you the opportunity to own an original striped Breton shirt, taking the best from Brittany and bringing it to Great Britain for you to customise and enjoy. We thought you’d like to know what it is that makes our stripes so unique….


We have spared no time, effort or money in bringing you the most authentic and highest quality Breton Shirt in Brittany, which by default must make them the best in the world!


Our shirts are monogrammed with love and care, so you can be sure the top you’re wearing is unique.


Your shirts haven’t travelled halfway round the world to reach you, from a country with highly questionable labour laws. As the crow flies our family-owned factory is only a couple of hundred miles south of Brighton in Brittany.


There are plenty of places you can buy a “Breton” shirt but a Breton shirt is more than just a T-shirt with stripes. A true Breton shirt from Mon Breton is a masterpiece in engineering combining style fit for Audrey Hepburn, and substance fit for a sailor. Enjoy!

History of the Breton Shirt

The original Breton shirt had 21 stripes on it which correspond to the number of Napoleon’s victories… At Mon Breton we don’t think that’s quite enough stripes so ours have a few more!!! The Breton shirt was originally designed as the uniform of the French Navy but it was Coco Chanel who turned this utilitarian item into a style staple…